New Brexit Barometer Indices

Bats has launched two new benchmark indices designed to reflect the impact of Brexit on UK companies.

The Brexit 50/50 Indices are designed to act as barometers for assessing how Brexit is impacting UK companies by analysing the difference in performance between those with the largest and smallest proportion of GBP revenue.
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Setting a New Standard with Benchmarks

The largest pan-European stock exchange, Bats Europe (Bats), provides real-time, high-quality alternatives to commonly used indices whose values are often delayed by 15 minutes in June 2016.

Bats Indices have changed the way investors see the market allowing them to track market movements as they happen, better informing trading and investment decisions.

  • Real-Time Index Values– Most market tracking indices are shown to individual investors with a 15-minute delay.
  • Simplifying Cost and Licensing – Bats has committed to significantly lower license costs with capped fee increases and extends rights to affiliates, trustees, custodians and clients.
  • Transparency – Unlike some other index providers, Bats publishes the licence agreements, fees and rules and calculation methodology behind its indices.
  • Consistency – All Bats indices are created with the same methodology allowing comparable benchmarks across sectors, between large and small cap, and as other indices are introduced, markets and regions.

Access Bats Indices

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