Bats Market Participants

The participants of the Bats’ stock exchanges are registered broker-dealers and include a broad range of financial market participants. The diversity of participants on our various markets is essential to the health and vibrancy of these markets.

Proof of the health of the Bats markets is shown by the quality of the stock prices on Bats Europe, which are better than or equal to the national market in the most active stocks most of the time.*

The following are some examples of the types of firms that trade on our markets.

Bats101-Icons_AutomatedMarketMakersAutomated Market Makers:  Electronic market-making firms
Bats101-Icons_AgencyBrokerAgency Broker:  Broker focused solely on agency execution for their customers
Bats101-Icons_RetailRetail:  Retail brokers directly routing trades to Bats
Bats101-Icons_ProprietaryTradingFirmsProprietary Trading Firms:  Firms that trade for their own account whose primary activity is not market making
Bats101-Icons_WholesalersWholesalers:  Broker-dealers that function primarily as market makers for retail orders
Bats101-Icons_LocalBanksLocal Banks:  Banks that offer trading services in a specific country or region
Bats101-Icons_BulgeBrackets`Bulge Bracket:  Large investment banks offering trading and research
*Data provided by LiquidMetrix